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Welcome to Neo, Sweden’s center-right magazine focusing on politics, society and the future. Within the pages of Neo you will find investigative journalism, interviews, essays, political satire and photographic reportage, all covering the issues facing Sweden and the world. Our writers pose challenging questions and introduce our readers to exiting places and people, while avoiding the anecdotal and cliché, relying instead on fact and unique insight.

At Neo, we believe in the value of liberal democracy, individual responsibility, personal freedom, human rights, pluralism and free enterprise. It is our ambition to present readers with the best of the most important, from Scandinavia and beyond. In order to introduce new ideas and voices to the Swedish public, Neo both translates and solicits original content from some of the world’s most important and influential thinkers. Neo publishes six (paper) editions per year. To complement the print edition, we also arrange a wide array of seminars and debates to gather people who share our curiosity and ideas.

Welcome to Neo!

Paulina Neuding